Raise your profile as a Gosport employer

Get help to raise awareness of your business as an employer and upskill existing staff

Advice and support is available for your business to raise its profile as a local employer amongst residents, school pupils, plus college and university students; and undertake corporate social responsibility related activities.  In addition a number of these initiatives can also help you develop the supervisory, mentoring and coaching skills of your existing workforce.  Therefore it is also a staff training and development opportunity too.

  • Exhibit for FREE at the Gosport Business & Employment Fair – Gosport’s largest annual recruitment, careers and training exhibition – to promote job, apprenticeship and career opportunities directly to residents and young people (in particular Year 10 and 11 pupils, plus FE students)
    • 30+ employer exhibitors promoting hundreds of job and apprenticeship vacancies to on average 700 visitors each year
    • Sponsorship opportunities are available to further raise your profile
    • Staged by Gosport Borough Council and to find out more contact the Council on on 023 9254 5425 or email prosperity@gosport.gov.uk
  • Help unemployed people find work through offering work experience at no cost to you.  Placements last between 2 and 8 weeks with support available so you can help provide a positive experience of work for jobseekers and develop local talent and skills
    • Managed locally by the Jobcentre Plus Gosport office and to find out more contact Val Toole on 023 9220 2020 or via email
  • Help unemployed people with health conditions into employment through the Solent Jobs Programme. This is a European Social Fund (ESF) and Jobcentre Plus supported scheme that in addition to pre-employment support also offers a subsidised job for up to 25 hours per week paid at the national living wage for up to six months. Therefore you can access a wage incentive to try out a potential employee before filling a vacancy.
    • To find out more about this programme contact Julie Fisher on 023 8083 3105 or via email
  • Recruit and employ apprentices and trainees to help develop local talent and skills, as well as creating a postive image among students, parents and carers, schools and the local community.
  • Provide University of Portsmouth students with work experience and temporary work – options include student placements of 9-12 months as part of their degree course; short-term projects; and part-time employment during studies and/or vacations (some of these services are charged for and include paying a salary).
  • Undertake Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, a part government funded programme, where graduates are embedded in your company to deliver a strategic or business growth project.  To find out more about the national programme see the related Government and Innovate UK website content
  • Undertake employer and employee engagement with local schools to offer young people the opportunity to undertake work experience placements, workplace visits, enterprise experiences and mock interviews.  You can also participate in careers fairs, plus other curriculum related events
    • Provide work experience (1 or 2 weeks) and/or Extended Work Experience (on-going work experience) for school pupils
    • Raise the profile of your business and/or industry through an interactive Careers Fair
    • Develop your staff’s skills including presentation, leadership, mentoring, communication through in-school events e..g mock interviews and speed networking
    • For bespoke opportunities to work with schools and raise your profile and upskill staff contact Suzanne Lewis at EBP South on 023 9228 3400
    • QinetiQ‘s annual School’s Powerboat Challenge that is hosted at its Haslar facility is one example of of this type of activity, with pupils from Brune Park and Bay House taking part in 2015.  One member of the QinetiQ team that organised the event was a previous participant, so is proof that business engagement with local schools does work
  • Encourage and support staff to volunteer in and around the Gosport, Fareham and Portsmouth area – Gosport Volunteer Centre can work with your company to develop local volunteering opportunities, as well as offering a brokering service for individuals
    • Managed by Gosport Voluntary Action that supports and develops new and existing voluntary/community groups.  To find out more contact Ian Johnson at the Gosport Volunteer Centre on 023 9258 8347

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