Gosports Employer Offer

Helping Gosport’s businesses to recruit, employ and train people

Gosport’s Employer Offer highlights the locally available advice, support and financial incentives to help your business recruit, employ and train people.  Therefore it can help you reduce costs and grow your business too.   It can also help you to raise your profile locally as an employer and deliver related corporate social responsibility activities.

Gosport’s Employer Offer is a promotional initiative by Gosport Borough Council and the Gosport Employment and Skills Partnership – a local network of employment support organisations and training providers delivering services to both residents and employers.

What’s on offer here in Gosport? Would you like help to:

Financial incentives to recruit and/or sustain jobs in the Solent region

In addition to the direct financial support for employing and developing staff e.g. whole or part funding of their training and the related incentives e.g. apprenticeships and knowledge transfer partnerships; there is also significant grant funding (£10,000 to £500,000) potentially available to help you recruit and/or safeguard jobs.

See the Funding to Recruit and Sustain Jobs section of Gosport’s Employer Offer to find out more about these grants if you are developing projects that create and/or sustain jobs.

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For the latest information on employment rules, training opportunities and working practices, plus case study examples, see the following related links:

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