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Starting a business? Free advice and support available in Gosport

Start Your Own Business in Gosport – free start-up pack and 180 page start your own business guide

Gosport Borough Council has partnered with Start Your Own Business to produce Gosport editions of its online information, free start-up pack and 180 page guide to starting a business in the UK.

Start Your Own Business in Gosport contains checklists, step-by-step guides and templates plus local information and contacts to help you start and grow your business.  You can download both the start-up pack and guide for free, or order a hard copy of the guide (charge applies), via the link above.

Enterprise South (previously known as Enterprise First)

Gosport Borough Council partners with Enterprise South to provide Gosport residents that are looking to start their own business with access to free face-to-face adviser support.

The adviser will take you through a Business Toolkit including a business plan, cash flow forecast, profit and loss forecast and a personal survival budget as well as evaluating various factors that will help ensure the survival of your business.  In addition the adviser can also talk to you about financial support, including low cost start up loans.

The one-to-one support can be either face-to-face at a mutually convienent location in Gosport, or by telephone and arranged by contacting Enterprise South’s head office on:

  • 01252 319272; or
  • 0800 652 6254

Radian Housing Self-Employment Support

Radian Self-Employment Support is for their tenants that are considering starting a business or already self-employed.  The free ‘Go Your Own Way’ course includes an introductory one day seminar, a 10 week course and 2 years of post start-up support.

In addition Radian has now secured EU funding to deliver free self-employment support to any Gosport resident i.e. not just their tenants.  The ‘Stop thinking, start creating, Create’ support programme runs for 3 years and includes a 10 week course and mentoring.  The first course runs in Gosport during September 2018 and for more details please see their website.

Solent Growth Hub

The Solent Growth Hub also provides advice via its online portal and telephone helpline – 01329 820898. Other information on other sources of advice and support are available via Local Advice and Support

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

HMRC provides a comprehensive online service for employers and businesses, including information on Starting a Business.

Business Advice for Social Enterprises and Mutuals

The following websites are aimed at those businesses that trade for a social and/or environmental purpose. Social enterprises bring in most or all of their income through selling goods or services.  They have clear rules about what they do with profits, reinvesting these to further the ‘social mission’.  Social enterprises come in many shapes and sizes from large national and international businesses to small community based enterprises.

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