Gosport Employment and Skills Fair

Gosport Employment and Skills Fair 2019 will be held on Thursday 31st January from 12pm to 6pm at Gosport Leisure Centre.  It is free to exhibit for local employers to promote their job and apprenticeship vacancies, as well as career opportunities, to residents.

For more information about GE&SF please see below and to register your interest as an exhibitor please contact Gosport Borough Council via email or 023 9254 54725.

The Exhibition

Gosport Employment and Skills Fair (GE&SF) attracts on average 50 exhibitors and just under 700 visitors making it Gosport’s largest annual recruitment, careers and training exhibition.

It regularly has 30+ employers promoting hundreds of job and apprenticeship vacancies plus career opportunities.  The other exhibitors are local employment support organisations, training providers and education establishments that can help residents get those jobs and apprenticeships.

Previously known as the Gosport Business and Employment Fair it has been staged annually in January since 2012 by Gosport Borough Council, with assistance from local employment support organisations, training providers and education establishments.

GE&SF’s aim is to bring together local employers and local job seekers in a supportive environment that enables businesses to recruit new staff and residents secure new employment and/or get assistance to do so.

It also provides opportunities for employers to network with employment support organisations, training providers and education establishments to further assist with recruitment, training and raising their profile as a local employer.

Although primarily aimed at job seeking adults and young people, it is also aimed at students to help them get a better understanding of the future career opportunities here in Gosport.

For residents it incorporates not just job and apprenticeship vacancies but also help to get those jobs and apprenticeships; getting new skills; careers advice; and starting a business. Perhaps most importantly it provides them with the chance to meet potential employers face-to-face to discuss current job opportunities or careers in the future.

GE&SF 2018 had 47 exhibitors (27 employers and 20 support organisations) and attracted 618 visitors.  The 2017 exhibition was the biggest to date in terms of numbers of exhibitors and employers:

    • 57 exhibitors (36 employers all promoting job and/or apprenticeship vacancies; plus 21 employment support and training organisations, 13 of which were also promoting job and/or apprenticeship vacancies)
    • 701 visitors
    • 467 CVs/applications submitted on the day 
    • 167 people registered as new clients with support organisations to help them into employment or get new skills

For more background information about GE&SF please see the following link.

Why businesses exhibit

Visitor feedback consistently shows that the primary reasons for attending are to find out about job and career opportunities; and meet local employers. Therefore it is a very cost effective method for local businesses to engage in person with a large number of residents about their current job vacancies and recruit as a direct result.

However it does not just help businesses meet their current recruitment needs.  It also helps you to increase your profile in the community as a local employer; get informed about or updated on local workforce development provision; and provides opportunities for business-to-business networking.

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