New funding to support small businesses who need it most

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April 24, 2020
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June 19, 2020

New funding to support small businesses who need it most

The council is aiming to help small businesses that have ‘fallen through the cracks’ until now and have been unable to access government funding.

It has secured more than £600,000 of new government support for a discretionary grant fund aimed at small businesses and the hospitality and leisure sectors.

It plans to allocate it to organisations in Gosport it will make the biggest difference to, including small businesses and charities.

Cllr Mark Hook, Leader of the Council, said: “A lot of small businesses have fallen through the cracks so far and been unable to access government funding because they haven’t met the criteria. This money is to support those businesses, and others that have had a drop in income and are now struggling with ongoing costs for their premises.

“We won’t just be giving money to any company that applies, we want to make sure this funding makes a real difference and will be awarding it to businesses that need it the most. We’ve based our approach on national guidance but adapted it to meet the needs of Gosport’s economy and its businesses and we want as many as possible to apply.”

Businesses can see more information about the new fund here. They can apply for a grant from the fund now. Applications will be open until the end of 3 July.

Source: Gosport Borough Council